Let me help you get your brand looking its best and reaching its tribe online...



Photography is essential to online storytelling and brand building. The images used across your marketing channels should be consistent. Professional photography that's executed with your brand in mind will define and reinforce your brand aesthetic online.

We will work together with you to produce a set of images that can be used across all your social media channels as well as on your website and in physical marketing materials.


Many small businesses struggle with defining their brand making establishing and strengthening their brand essence, target clientele, visual aesthetic and online persona.

Maybe you feel like your logo or website is dated or poor quality? Maybe you aren’t sure about how to stand out from your competitors online? 

I can help you define your brand goals and work with you to find the help you need to refresh and focus your brand across social media channels.


For many business owners, social media marketing is an overwhelming task that they don’t have the time, resources or expertise to execute effectively. You know you need to have a presence, you know your audience needs to be nurtured, but you're too busy or maybe you just don't care for the task. 

I can take that overwhelm off your shoulders by handling the daily management of your social media channels in addition to tracking and reporting on results to make sure what we are doing is delivering in line with your marketing goals.



Content is King when it comes to marketing online. Without content, you cannot reach out to your target audience and give them something to engage with.

Content creation can be overwhelming and I can help you with a variety of services:

  • Photography
  • Stop-motion video & .gifs
  • Video shorts
  • Social media content packages
  • Recipe editing and execution
  • Website copy
  • Email copy
  • Ghost blogging


Creating and implementing a social media strategy can be daunting at best. A great social media strategy can attract new customers and build your relationship with existing ones, ensuring your business is successful.

By identifying your marketing goals across all your social media channels and auditing what you're already doing we can create a sustainable plan to ensure your goals are met.

I can help you with:

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Facebook