3 Reasons Why You Should Care About Visual Content Marketing

Creating visual content is an overwhelming prospect. It's time-consuming, expensive and the production can be difficult if you don't have the resources or skills to create the content.

I know it sounds like I am telling all the reasons why not to bother with visual content when it comes to your marketing strategy. Not at all. What I want you to understand today are all the reasons why visual content marketing is worth it despite the difficulties involved in its production.

There are myriad reasons why you should care about visual content marketing but here are the top three reasons I think you should be working on your visual content pipeline today:

1. You have seconds to make an impact. Yes. Seconds.

User stay on pages less than two minutes

According to recent research by Microsoft, marketers have 10 seconds to communicate their overall message if they want to gain even a couple of minutes of a user's attention. You read that right, 10 seconds.

Furthermore, the majority of users (55% to be exact) will not spend much longer than 15 seconds on a page before clicking away. The click-away rate only drops after 30 seconds, at which point you have about 2 minutes to engage with your audience.

2. Visuals will improve your user engagement by 47%.

According to research by Curata, including visuals in your content improves click-through rates by up to 47%. A study by Hubspot found that visuals increased engagement and click-through by up to 80%. Further, the same study found that visual content attracted 53% more likes and increased comment by activity by more than 100%. Including images and video content results in 48% of a post's audience engaging with that content.

If you want engagement, visual content is an essential part of your strategy. The proof is in the data!

3. People believe visuals more than they believe words.

Pictures literally do speak louder than words. Numerous studies have found that images are more persuasive than words.

In addition to the fact that we process visuals 60,000 times more quickly than we process words (yes, you read that correctly!), imagery with accompanying text is more believable to your audience. A psychological study found that individuals were more likely to believe a claim or statement if the text was accompanied by an image. Even if that image did not directly provide evidence supporting the text. Further, the perception of 'truthiness' did not decline after the initial viewing.

This is interesting because it demonstrates that our audience is far more likely to be engaged with or convinced by our words if they are accompanied by visual content.

Convinced? You should be!

The amount of information we are taking in grows by the day. This impacts your marketing strategy, necessitating measures to cut through the noise and make your content memorable. This can seem like an insurmountable hurdle but by understanding how your audience thinks you can improve your marketing results.

Visual content marketing has exploded since 2012 and this is with good reason: it works. Visual content consistently improves engagement on websites and in social media channels. Rather than being an expensive option that's 'nice to have' for your marketing efforts, visual content should become a fundamental part of your overall strategy. You will not regret it!

Hannah Chester