Content Marketing Matters To Every Business. Here's Why.

Content is King.

It’s all about content. Content marketing is the future of marketing. Content, content, content!

I bet you’re hearing this and wondering ‘why?’ and ‘what is content marketing, really?’ and ‘...but I am just a blogger/photographer/artist, how does content marketing matter to me?’. Today I’m going to answer the ‘what’, the ‘why’ and tell you why content marketing matters to every business.

Content marketing has changed the way that we are attracting an audience, converting them into customers and retaining their business. By consistently creating and curating valuable content that’s tailored to our buyers we can influence consumer behaviour.

Unlike traditional marketing with its focus on periodic campaigns and direct selling, content marketing is a dynamic process that’s integrated into your overall marketing strategy. It’s about an ongoing ‘conversation’ with your target buyer. It’s about becoming besties with your buyers instead of that annoying direct seller who ambushes you at every opportunity.

Stripped down to the ‘studs’, content marketing is about communication with your prospects and customers without focusing on ‘the sell’. Rather than using your media channels to constantly pitch your products and services, you use them to deliver content that will interest, educate or entertain your buyers.

Content marketing strategy is rooted in the idea that if businesses and brands use their media channels to consistently deliver quality information and entertainment to buyers they will feel loyalty to them and ultimately choose to spend their money with them. By thinking more about our buyers than ourselves, we make them want to be a part of our brands.

Now let’s break this down and dig a little deeper…

Why Bother? I’m Just A Small Fry.

Content marketing can seem very overwhelming. You need to create more on top of the work you are already doing? Sounds exhausting. And it can be. However, the payoff can be so great and long-lasting that it’s worth it for small business to make sure they have a content marketing strategy in place.

You don’t have to be selling a product or service for content marketing to matter for you, either. It’s valuable for bloggers who want to build a level of trust with their readers so that monetization strategies such as sponsored posts or advertising are more likely to swim than sink.

Authority is Currency. Content Can Build It.

Authority is hugely important when it comes to building a relationship with your buyers or audience. One of the best ways to build this is by delivering content that establishes and reinforces your authority and relevance.

Consistently publishing and sharing high-quality content that’s interesting or entertaining as well as relevant to your audience both helps them out and makes them feel that you understand what they need. Not only that, it demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about which builds authority.

Content Marketing Is Awesome For SEO

A lot of people think that content marketing and SEO have nothing to do with each other. In actual fact, they have a symbiotic relationship. Yes, they are two different things, but they overlap with each other far more than many people realize.

Kissmetrics describes SEO and content marketing as made for each other like PB&J. They’re just made for each other. Here’s why:

SEO essentially outlines what a website needs in order to rank in search results. Content marketing is the strategy used to meet those requirements.

Without content, there is no SEO. Content marketing, obviously, creates content.

Another essential feature of SEO is keywords. Content marketing done well involves quality content that uses relevant keywords tailored to your audience needs.

If you have excellent content you’re automatically setting yourself up for SEO success. Linkbacks are another lifeblood of SEO. If you’re creating amazing content people won’t be able to help but share your content. As with keywords, if you’re creating quality content, the links will come.

Consistent updating of blogs and websites with fresh, relevant content is an essential part of any SEO strategy. A central tenet of content marketing is that it’s an ongoing, dynamic process.

Like we said. PB&J. If you’re doing an awesome job with content marketing, you will also be doing an awesome job with SEO. Focus on serving rather than selling and Google will love you.

Traditional Marketing Is Dead

Okay, maybe it isn’t dead. At least the formats used by traditional marketing aren’t anyway. The content, however, is effectively obsolete. I’ve outlined above how content marketing is about building a relationship with consumers rather than focusing on pitching to them.

As Doug Kessler puts it: “Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them”.

Content marketing represents a paradigm shift in terms of how you are marketing to people. It turns marketing into a long game instead of a short season and the ROI isn’t always immediately obvious. Regardless, it is without question the future of marketing and if you do it correctly, you will yield results. Again, this applies to everyone from enormous B2B & B2C giants to ‘solopreneurs’ and bloggers. Pushing is not the way to build your business anymore, you need to attract them instead.

Content Marketing Is An Investment Worth Making

Ultimately, content marketing is about investment in your audience and putting the needs of your buyers ahead of your immediate desire to sell, sell, sell! By providing them with resources, helping them with conundrums and entertaining them you become valuable to your audience. You’re investing in a relationship that will build trust and authority and drive them to invest in you in the long term.

The idea of jumping into content marketing can seem scary, overwhelming and may even seem pointless at times, just remember that Rome was not built in a day and content marketing is about creating a solid foundation from which to grow your relationship with your buyers. No matter the size of your business, content marketing needs to be a huge part of your strategy if you want to keep growing and building your brand.

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