5 Ways To Maximize Your Pinterest Engagement

Pinterest strategy is more than just repinning that cute mason jar project or pinning your latest Etsy listings. If you really want to get serious about maximizing your Pinterest engagement, there are a variety of things you should be doing. The 7 tips below will all benefit your Pinterest strategy improving your account engagement, click-through to your site and increasing your chances of converting sales.


The bulk of the content on Pinterest (upwards of 80%) consists of repins. If you only focus on repinning context that already exists on the platform, you’re not really adding to the ‘conversation’. You’re just doing what everyone else is! If you take the time to create amazing visual content of your own that will deliver value to your target audience you will have pins going viral in no time at all.
What makes visual content ‘amazing’? Whether it is an infographic, an image with a clear call to action or a video the key is quality. It doesn’t have to be complicated, rather simpler is better, but you need to make sure your images are crisp and well-composed and that any text is legible and meaningful.

If you want to stay on top of visual content trends then you should focus on infographics. Infographics are extremely popular in content marketing right now, for good reason. They’re engaging, they deliver information to your audience in a manner that’s easy to understand, and they look fancy. Even better is the fact that online apps such as Piktochart make it easy for even those inexperienced in design to create great infographics for their audience.

Make sure that you pin your original content from the place you wish where you want the traffic driving to. A big Pinterest Fail I see all the time is uploading an image directly to Pinterest with no link. No link means no traffic!


People need encouragement to share or repin your graphics. Just as calls to action work in other areas of your marketing strategy, they’re also effective in improving engagement and traffic on Pinterest. So effective, in fact, that including a call to action in your Pinterest graphic and pin caption improves engagement with that pin by 80%. Crazy, right?

Make sure that the language in your pin’s graphic is enticing and clearly outlines why your content will benefit them, encouraging them to pin. Then utilise the caption to expand on that and add an additional link to encourage them to click through to your content. That’s game, set and match when it comes to referral traffic!


People want to learn. They also love a freebie. People love valuable information and when you offer some of your premium content to them for free they will engage with your brand and are more inclined to develop loyalty to it.

Do you have a great new template, teaser eBook or tool related to your niche to share with them? Can you offer an introductory session of your services? Great! Create a fabulous pin that advertises your freebie and link it to the sign-up page. This is a tried and true method for ramping up your referred traffic from Pinterest.

Make sure that you require people to opt-in to your email list in order to get the freebie. This means that in addition to growing your site’s traffic, you’re also growing your email list!


Paying attention to what’s trending can really pay off on Pinterest. Pins that relate to a trending topic see increases in click-through upwards of 90%. That’s huge!

This sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Use Google Trends, Google Alerts, Buzzfeed and Social Mentions to track what’s trending in your niche. Figure out which trends apply best to your business and then create content for your audience that’s on-trend and useful. You can also do trend round-ups to let your audience know what trends matter to them.

Another great way to keep up with what is trending is to pay attention to seasons, holiday and popular events. Use Spring Cleaning to encourage your clients to get their taxes in order or use Thanksgiving to inspire your audience to create an amazing campaign to thank their own clients, audiences or employees for their custom and work that year. There’s many ways to make seasonal boards work for your business.


Keywords matter on Pinterest just as much as they do for your general SEO efforts. Make sure that you build keywords into your pin descriptions and board names. One easy way to work out what keywords you should be paying attention to simple typing a word into Pinterest and seeing what auto populates. If it auto populates, it’s a popular keyword and you should see which ones you can use to optimize your content. You also need to pay attention to the search results - there will be a bar at the top of your results page related to your search. This is another great source of keyword ideas.

If Pinterest itself doesn’t give you enough information to work with, check out Google’s Keyword Planner. You can check out how popular terms are, review work groups and check out results for related keywords. It’s an essential tool for marketing online in general and it’s extremely useful for Pinterest optimization.


Pinterest is not complicated. It just takes work. The primary goal is to encourage your audience to share pins that promote your site with as wide a range of people as possible. By actioning these five tips above, you’ll be well on your way to a Pinterest strategy that drives amazing traffic to your site.

Go on, get pinning!

Hannah Chester