Why You Need To Start Embracing Social Media Unfollows

There’s nothing quite like the dopamine hit of seeing your follower count jump up by 100 overnight, is there? It makes you feel good; makes you feel like people are interested in your business, and that you’re on track to make sales. Those follower counts really can make (or break) your day. Here’s why they shouldn’t and why you need to start embracing unfollows now.

Five Things You Should Do To Succeed On Instagram In 2019

Getting found on Instagram isn’t as easy as it was in 2014. Or even 2016. However, that doesn’t mean it’s over. Not by a long shot. Instagram’s star as an excellent channel for brands and businesses will continue to rise, so we need to work with the algorithm instead of complaining about it. To get your Instagram game plan off to a cracking start in 2019, here are five tips to help guide you to success.

It used to be that one of the few things a business needed to grow was many word-of-mouth referrals. Those days are long, long gone. Today, we have to reach potential customers in various ways and what people see in their first glance can make or break your success. When it comes to marketing online you have mere seconds to convince your audience it’s worth sticking with you for a minute or two. And because people process visually long before they start making cognitive choices, your front line soldier in the fight for attention is visual content.